James’s video of our wedding day was absolutely superb. When the trailer came out I think we watched it 45 times in the space of a few days. A lot of people have made very positive comments on how good it was all put together and how emotional it made them. The longer version was even better! We would highly recommend James - great work mate

Annika & Chris - Oxnead Hall

This is absolutely amazing!! Evan and I just watched the video on your Facebook page and the shots you got were so wonderful — I have no idea how you did it, as I hardly saw you all evening! Really, this is stunning, such beautiful work.

Thank you very, very much.

Rose & Evan - Hales Hall & The Great Barn

Hey James.... We watched the video last night. Honestly, INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE job. We loved it so much.

We can't thank you enough, it's truly amazing.


Sophie & Chris - Henham Park

James, its amazing! We absolutely love it. ❤️ Thank you so so much!!!

Charis & Harry - Easton Grange

James! We just watched the long edit of the video. It is honestly out of this world, I cried so much!! 

Thank you for all your hard work, it truly is wonderful and we will treasure it forever! You have an awesome talent and your future bride and groom's are very lucky!

Dani & Carl

We were so excited to receive it and thank you so much, its amazing! We've watched them so many times now and we're still seeing little bits we didn't see the time before. 

Thank you so much for capturing the day perfectly, even the memory stick looks great! 

Everyone has commented on how much of a fantastic job you've done so thank you. We showed my parents last night and they love it too. 

Beth & Simon - Pentney Abbey

We got the other USB yesterday and have just watched it and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! 

Thank you so much for making some changes because we will now watch it and everytime love it 100%. We can't wait to show it to our family. 

Thank you for everything and for capturing our day so perfectly. We’re so happy we chose you and we will recommend you to anyone looking for a videographer. 

Wishing you all the best and we hope to see you at another wedding in the future. 

Christie & Duncan - Chippenham Park, Newmarket

Thank you James, you have done an amazing job and can not recommend you enough!

Marie & Lewis - Kings' Lynn Town Hall

James - oh my goodness, we can’t even put into words how incredible that is. We have watched it 3 times back to back already and crying and laughing so much.

You are so incredibly talented and we are so grateful to you for capturing our day so perfectly. It is just beautiful. 

Thank you so much,

Off to watch it again.... 

Harriet & Oscar - Hales Hall & The Great Barn

Thank you so much for all of your hard work, it looks incredible! It had us smiling from start to finish!

Hannah & Chris - Hockwold Hall

Thank you so much! It's an incredible film, truly spectacular! Can't wait to see the longer version if this is the shorter one. 

Jessica & Craig

We have watched all the videos - I just wanted to say thank you, thank you SO much! The films are just perfect, the mix between music & speaking / clapping is just gorgeous! Haven’t been able to watch it yet without crying all the way through! You captured everything so beautifully! 

Lucy & Simon - Stradsett Hall

You delivered the perfect reminder of our big day with this video, thank you so much. To anyone who is considering a videographer as well as a photographer for your wedding, trust me, it's so worth it!! Thanks again!!

Catherine & Nick - Oxnead Hall

Ahhh wow we love it!!! Such beautiful moments that you managed to capture. I’m so glad we booked you, a lovely way to remember our day. 

Rebecca & Chris - Easton Grange

We have just received the videography to our wedding, filmed by James. We are absolutely delighted with his work, as he captured all of the key elements of the big day plus many more snippets of friends and family which happened unbeknown to us in the background. James was professional throughout, but even more importantly he was fun and went about his work unnoticed, making it relaxing and enjoyable. The fantastic memories he has captured for us, will be treasured for the rest of our lives.

Emma & Mark - The Norfolk Mead Hotel

Thanks to James for a brilliant wedding video! We're so glad we decided to get a video to capture the day! We would highly recommend James.

Jo & Mike - Godwick Great Barn

Wow, wow, wow!! We thought the short video was brilliant then the long video comes along and we are even more delighted! People said a videographer was the best decision they made about a wedding and that's so true, we'd highly recommend James. James was professional from our consultation through to delivery of our videos. James is very talented in capturing the perfect moments of a bride and groom celebrating their very special wedding day and we are so grateful we can watch this forever long, thank you!

Emma & Matt - Oxnead Hall